Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Wrench in the Works

I got everything set up: dual 1 GHz Mirror Drive Door Power Mac on the left, 17" Samsung display next to it, Dell LCD monitor next to that, and dual 1.8 GHz upgraded Digital Audio Power Mac on the right. It all fits quite nicely on this makeshift desk (two 2-drawer file cabinets with countertop replaced in the kitchen last summer). Rerouted ethernet cables, moved the Netgear router, relocated the UPSes and surge strips.

Everything works, but I'd forgotten how freakin' noisy the MDD Power Mac can be. It takes very little time before the cooling fans are running flat out. I cleaned out quite a bit of dust, which helped a bit. I moved the hard drive away from the CPU radiator, which should also help a bit. But the machine is simply noisy. Found a good article on Accelerate Your Mac with suggested replacement fans - supposed to cost about $20. I'll have to look into that - after all these months with the upgraded DA, I just can't take the noise. Maybe I'll swap in my dual 500 MHz Mystic until I can silence the MDD....


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  2. A total of four fans in the new PowerMac DDR. It is in the side door and blow out the optical drive when the case is closed. This 60x60x10mm fan is quiet and will not be replaced. Another big fan is in the bottom of the PowerMac case blowing across the CPU cooler when the case is closed.
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